Building a Stronger Community

Copyright 2013 - Elves & More of Northeast Ohio
Video production courtesy of Milepost Productions.
Thank you for visiting the Elves & More of Northeast Ohio's website.  Elves & More is made up of a community of volunteers whose sole intent is to bring hope and joy to children living in poverty within our communities during the Christmas Holiday Season.  What makes us unique is that unlike typical adopt a family programs which only selects individual families, our model adopt entire neighborhoods so that every child living with the selected neighborhood(s) receives a Christmas gift, nobody gets left out.  In addition, the identity of the selected neighborhoods is kept secret until we arrive to hand out the gifts, therefore truly making it a surprise unlike any other.

It is our hope that later in life, these same children grow up and decide to give back to the community in which they were raised and that we are hoping to start a cycle of caring and giving that repeats itself, generation after generation.  Elves and More of Northeast is dedicated in building a stronger community.  Whether that is the community of volunteers and supporters that grows on a daily basis or the community that is directly impacted by our program, Elves and More of Northeast Ohio is committed to making change on a regional level.

We welcome you to become part of the Elves & More community and look forward to celebrating the gift of giving with you.