About Us


  • An organization bringing hope to approximately 1,000 children living in the Northeast Ohio area.


  • Design programs to meet the needs of children which are not being met, focusing on an entire neighborhood.
  • Mobilize financial and human resources to implement these programs.


  • Today there are 2.1 million people in prison in our nation. Most are undereducated, poor, young males from underprivledged areas. The problem is growing worse as the prison population has grown six-fold in just 30 years, 15 times faster then the overall population as a whole. Consider this; for the same $40,000 society spends to keep one person in prison for one year, Elves & More can buy and deliver new bicycles to about 1,000 children. If just 1 out of 1,000 of our children uses his or her bike to get a mentor to guide them, that results in that child avoiding a single year of prison; then our program makes sound economic sense. The other 999 children get a nice gift and our suppport which is more than they expected. We believe we are helping more than 1 of our 1,000, not for a single year but for their lifetime.


  • We decided to gift entire communities so that they could share their joy, all at the same time.
  • No one feels ashamed or left out because everyone gets a gift.
  • Children don’t have to know about us or find transportation. We come to them and give them gifts that are othewise hard to take home.


  • Inclusion: Serve children regardless of race, creed, color, gender or nationality.
  • Integrity: Use contributions and donations solely to fulfill the MISSION.
  • Accountability: Establish and maintain effective systems to ensure our MISSION is achieved efficiently.


  • Raise funds to purchase and deliver high quality bicycles/treasure boxes to underprivileged children each Holiday Season.
  • Create bonds within the community, especially with bicycle clubs and service organizations to secure dedicated volunteers for funding/assembly/delivery.
  • Initiate an area-wide search for neighborhoods that could benefit the most from our organization.
  • Effectively brand the name of Elves & More of Northeast Ohio to assist in long term community support.

Please email us your story to info@www.elvesandmoreneo.org

Hi. My name is Ashley I have 2 young boys, one age 1 1/2 and the other is 1 month old. Although my sons are not old enough to understand the whole meaning of Christmas and how nice it was for everyone to donate there time and money to give them a wonderful bike and toys for Christmas. I myself do and I wanted to tell you and everyone that helped how very thankful I am for these things!! I want you to know how much I truly appreciate the help this time of year, and I’m hoping that next year me an my family can be a volunteer to help return the favor, and make someone else’s Christmas just as great as you made my boys. Happy Holidays everyone!!

Hello Tim & Brian,
I would like to compose and send this email with great appreciation and admiration for your organization. My name is Eric R. Fletcher, I grew up in the inner city of Akron, Ohio and now reside in Norfolk, VA. I am here on my holiday visit and was deeply moved by the event that your organization hosted in one of the more poverty stricken neighborhoods in Akron. It is great to see individuals that look to enhance the morale of today’s youth and give them something to enjoy during this holiday season. I know of countless individuals that attended the bike give away this morning including my sister that are thankful for your generosity.
I am a part of an organization that looks to better today’s youth by performing different charity events including “Back to School Drive” and “Strikes 4 Hunger Charity Bowling” (Tha Takeover Productions). Our organization started with my 2 friends and I inside a dorm room of our alma mater, The Ohio State University. We to understand the idea of giving back to a community from which we grew and giving children a reason to smile.
As I stated previously, I really do appreciate what your organization did for the city of Akron which has been struggling in more ways then one economically and educationally. It is my hopes that if your organization ever needs assistance that I can be a part of a move that is changing communities.
My God bless you and your families in the days to come. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.
Thank you,
E. R. Fletcher, MSA

How do u say Thank You i dont know no other way but to just say it myself and my three children THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts my story in a nutshell is i am a singe mother of three wonderful boys living off of student loans that speaks for itself my kids was just talking to me about a bike a piece i couldnt afford it so we are blessed and GOD BLESS all of you and dont stop you all definitely makes a difference in people living in poverty lives

“Proud to be an Elf”
This past weekend I took my three girls back to the Akron area and had an amazing time. Here’s what we did. Early yesterday AM, Sophia and I ventured out into the cold to be a part of an amazing group of individuals called Elves and More. I left the two little ones at Moms. E and M bought and built 1000 bikes to give away in some of Akron’s roughest streets. “There was a shooting three days ago at the corner where the caravan is taking us. So be on alert.” Timmy the leader secretly shared with a couple of us before we left. Sophia and I boarded the bus along with 25 other elves and off we went. The police escort through Akron made my heart race not knowing what to expect. As we snaked through the boarded up neighborhoods, one woman pointing her mega phone out the bus window declared, “Bring the children and come get a bike. Merry Christmas.” Soon we had a trail of cars several miles long before we settled on 3 way stop where 7 tractor trailers docked for the morning. Off we went from the bus, telling Sophia, stay close to me. Before you knew it there were bikes behind barricades in nice neat little rows. Police officers let in a family one by one along with a volunteer to select a bike with them. I got to see crying mothers and children when they received a bike. I also saw people who just took a bike and exited quickly – as if it all were a dream and when they woke their new bike would be taken from them. I recall standing in the middle of a make shift toy store under the gray sky looking up when it hit me. I’m grateful for what I have. And I’m grateful to be here with my daughter helping others. Then I felt my eyes well up and a teardrop grab skin as it rolled down my cheek. Was a wonderful experience. The saddest part was turning away hundreds of families because our bikes ran out. The line extended around the block. So you can bet I will help to be apart of raising even more money in the future to ensure every kid gets a bike. Afterwards, I told another volunteer, “I miss being apart of a team. Working together for a good cause. But this team is different because its not concerned about wins or losses. Rather, its concern is much, much greater than that- helping out needy families and making their day.” So this holiday season if you can donate your time, money and energy – do so, you’ll experience so much joy and happiness- making someone else HAPPY.

“One of Santa’s Elves”
I wanted to take the time to say thank you. What you all did this year for so many youngsters. I know our family was very blessed by this. You lit up 4 of my grand children’s hearts this year. My daughter is a single mother raising two children on her own and trying to go to school herself to better her life for her kids. She has a son 9 and a daughter 8 they both received the bikes you gave away. They can not wait till spring. And my son and his family with two little girls one 8 and the other 3. Times are hard all the way around and being the holidays to brings so much joy just to see the children smile. And thanks to you four of them have something special to remember this year. Bless your hearts. You all did an amazing job this year.
Thank you so very much.

I am the father of 3 wonderful children who live in the W Crosier St. area where your group so wonderfully gave bicycles this year and brightened the Christmas holiday for many families including mine, and I just wanted to drop a line to ya’ll and say on behalf of my family and several others I’m sure, ” THANK YOU ” to all involved with this.
And to the Elves a very special Thank You for bearing it thru the horrid rain today to get all the bicycles giving to the local children and brightening the holiday for several in the area!
I hope this finds you well, and to all involved we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.
Thanks So Much!!!

Good Morning,
I live in the Summit Lake neighborhood. We were roused out of our houses this morning to the sound of police sirens. My husband and I jumped in the car. We thought that maybe aliens had landed in Summit Lake.
When we found out what was going on, we remembered reading about this program in the ABJ. As our kids already have bikes, we drove through the neighborhood telling kids to get to Princeton and Long for a new bike.
How exciting. Thank you so much for doing this. As you can see, this neighborhood needs a lot of love.
Merry Christmas and God Bless You.